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This proposal of temporary shelters considers a new relationship between natural disasters, the arrival of shelters to the location of the emergency and the citizens.

One of the main difficulties linked to the arrival of temporary shelters to the location of disasters are adverse weather conditions, communication failures and availability of appropriate means of transport. This is why it’s important for the implementation of these emergency device that the location of the main areas at risk of disaster are considered as to avoid the moving of the shelters from areas of collection to disaster zones and the assembly of these by the affected families.

This proposal seeks to be an effective solution to the needs of family shelters in not very dense urban areas and single-family homes. Thus, the shelters will be assembled within the land owned by each family through the provision of steel boxes, which contain the necessary parts to assemble each unit.

To familiarize the population with the assembly of these prototypes, it’s necessary to provide early educational campaigns throughout time in schools and community organizations, which enable people to generate a linkage between the shelters and the everyday life of the families that live in the areas at risk.


It is considered an aluminum structure of a total height of 7.5 meters in which the different areas of the family habitat are arranged vertically. These spaces are formed by a common area of 6 m2 with an adaptive level and two hanging bedrooms defining a total area of 15 m2 per shelter. The structure is wrapped in two Poly Oxford translucent skins with different thicknesses which enable to generate thermal and acoustic isolation.

In the upper area of the structure devices are included such as a water container activated by gravity and a photovoltaic panel for obtaining electrical energy required to power communication systems.

The container boxes can be opened in different ways responding both to earthquakes (frontal opening) as to flooding (opening from above). During use of the shelter the box is transformed into a bathroom for the family.

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